Code Vein Gets Details on New Characters and Weapons; New Screenshots

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Bandai Namco released new details and screenshots from their action adventure game Code Vein, coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC Worldwide in early 2018.

The details cover a lot of what we learned from last week’s Weekly Famitsu article, including what we’ve learned about characters Jack Rutherford and Eva Roux.

To sum it up, Jack Rutherford is voiced by Junichi Suwabe and is a “Revenant Hunter” who keeps very little people close outside of the main protagonist and Eva. Eva Roux, voiced by Saori Hayami, is also a Revenant Hunter who travels with Jack because he saved her life.

Jack uses a one-hand sword and is feared by any opponent that he faces. Eva uses a bayonet and acts a support character to be there for Jack in any way she can. As the protagonist, the player will work with Jack and Eva, but will not trust them completely.

Also, we get a look a couple of the weapon types:

  • One-Hand Sword – Quick and accurate. The sword is best used when facing a slow enemy or one that staggers when hit. The only downside is that it is not very powerful.
  • Two-Hand Sword – Slower than the one-hand sword, but has a much longer reach and more power behind every attack. Also good when facing multiple enemies that are trying to surround the player.
  • Bayonet – Perfect for close and long combat. This weapon has the ability to attack enemies using a slash motion and also shoot them from afar.
  • Halberd – Balanced weapon that makes use of its long handle. However, these attacks have considerably large amount of kickback when compared to other weapons.
  • Great Hammer – Very powerful at short distance combat, but slow.

Lastly, we meed the Queen’s Knight, who is a Lost humanoid equipped with a giant shield and sword. Throughout the game, the Queen’s Knight will block the player’s path and attack with all its strength. Players will need to find the right opportunity to strike in order to win the fight against this intimidating opponent.

You can check out the new screenshots below:

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