Civilization VI: Rise and Fall Expansion Features Explained in Latest Video

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Civilization VI enjoyed a successful release in 2016, and soon, 2K will release its latest expansionCivilization VI: Rise and Fall. We’ve heard about a number of things coming from the expansion: Mongolia, Georgia, and the Native American Cree as playable civilizations, as well as other leader options for existing civilizations. But today, a video was released by 2K revealing multiple gameplay features coming with the expansion.

In the video below, we learn a number of details about the new Great Ages system, loyalty, governors and more.

The Great Ages reflect your choices made throughout different eras. Successful leadership may lead your civilization into a golden age, while falling behind due to famine, military losses, etc. may lead you to a dark age. Dedications are choices made between eras that will lead your civilizations into different directions. If the dedication isn’t met, a dark age may happen, but if they’re met, a golden age will occur. If you end up in a dark age, there’s no need to worry too much. Special dark age policies can catapult you into a specific type of golden age called heroic age, which comes with bonuses for overcoming adversity.

The loyalty of cities now plays a new role in Rise and Fall. In a golden age, their loyalty will rise, gaining new bonuses as well. On the other hand, dark ages could cause a revolt in your cities, which obviously will make bouncing back that much harder. If a city successfully revolts, it will become a free city, independent of your rule. It will function much like city-states but can be brought into another empire that manages to raise its loyalty, effectively stealing your city away.

Governors have their own abilities and promotions aside from your overall civilization. Seven governors will be available for each faction, but you get a choice between adding another governor or increasing the power of a particular one instead.

Alliances have been enhanced. The longer you have an alliance, the stronger and more beneficial it will become for both parties. Emergencies are a new feature of Rise and Fall. A particularly large event may occur and non-allies can be prompted to join in to help. Rewards are given to those who participate and can bolster dispositions between civilizations.

There are also a number of new leaders announced in the video, which can be seen below. Civilization VI: Rise and Fall will arrive on February 8, 2018 for PC.

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