Cities: Skylines for Consoles Getting Snowfall Expansion

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Paradox Interactive announced the coming of the Swofall expansion for the console versions of their popular city building game Cities: Skylines. The weather focused add-on Snowfall will be available next month for PS4 and Xbox One.

Cities: Skylines‘ new expansion will offer console players new ways to construct their perfect towns. Snowfall will include special maps and other winter-themed attractions and transportation options. It will be the first of several expansions to make its way to the console versions.

Snowfall will also be included in the game’s Season Pass and Premium Edition. These are the add-ons included in both packages:

  • Snowfall (full expansion)
  • Natural Disasters (full expansion)
  • Mass Transit (full expansion)
  • High Tech Buildings (content creator pack)
  • Art Deco (content creator pack)
  • Relaxation Station (radio station DLC)
  • Rock City Radio (radio station DLC)

The Season Pass will cost $39.99. The Premium Edition — which includes the base game — will cost $69.99. Both offers will be available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with each piece of content becoming accessible as they roll-out on their respective platforms.

Cities: Skylines originally released for PC in 2015. Since its release, multiple add-ons such as Snowfall itself, Natural Disasters and Mass Transit expansions have released. Recently, the game launched for the Xbox One last April and the PlayStation 4 last August bringing the city-builder to console players.

Cities: Skylines‘ new expansion Snowfall will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 14, 2017 for $12.99.

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