Chernobyl VR Project for PS4 Gets Launch Trailer

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In celebration of the game’s release on the PlayStation 4, today The Farm 51, the developer behind Bandai Namco’s latest game Get Even, released a brand new launch trailer for its creepy VR experience Chernobyl VR Project.

The trailer – which is nearly minute long  – shows off some impressive hi-resolution gameplay from the VR title.

Chernobyl VR Project is a first person virtual tour of the abandoned city of Pripyat and the neighboring Chernobyl Power Plant, which was the site of one of the worst nuclear disasters of all time. During your time in the game, you’ll be able to explore desolate buildings, climb to the top of delapidated structures, look at aerial shots of the deserted land, and even hear stories from real life survivors of the incident. To develop the title, The Farm 51 went to the actual site and took digital scans of a myriad of environments.

Two PlayStation Move controllers are required to play the game.

PlayStation VR isn’t the first platform that Chernobyl VR Project has graced. The title was first released on September 26, 2016, and is also available on both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

You can check out the aforementioned trailer in all of its 60 frames per second glory below.

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