Catan VR Will Arrive Just In Time For This Holiday Season

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From the creators behind Settlers of Catan comes Catan VR. In one of the more heartfelt announcement trailers I’ve seen this year, Catan VR’s trailer hits us right in the feels.

The trailer begins with a little history and inspiration behind the world-renowned board game by the creator himself, Klaus Teuber. “I just wanted to make an exciting, social game, that would bring family or friends together.” Who knew Catan VR would make it’s way into virtual reality? Teuber’s son, Benjamin, asked this same question:

“Where can we take Catan in the future?”

This question was answered immediately when Benny Teuber handed his father a Samsung Gear with Catan VR loaded up. Let the collective, “Aww!” ensue. Catan creator Klaus Teuber said:

“The first time I saw Catan on the Magic Table™, I was fascinated by what VR has to offer,”

“The game I made in our living room with my family 25 years ago in Virtual Reality? It’s incredible. I never imagined actually stepping into the world of Catan when we first started making cut-outs and dreaming about exploring new lands.”

Catan VR will be true to the classic and will allow fans and players to experience the board game from a new perspective. Notice Settlers is dropped and the name change alone is a symbolic gesture for how much it has grown and has now graduated into the world of VR.

Fans of Settlers of Catan won’t necessarily need to be in the same room sitting around a table or on a floor playing their beloved board game. As of right now, we don’t know what the game will look like in VR.

What we can say is since Catan Studio is in production with the tabletop focused studio, Experiment 7, we’re likely to see and experience Catan VR in a tabletop simulator setting.

Catan VR is created by Catan GmbH, Catan Studio, Asmodee Digital and Experience 7. The VR game will be available on the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and any additional VR platforms that follow.

No exact release date has been confirmed, however, we can expect to see the game this Holiday season. Check out the trailer below.

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