Camilla is Super-Cute in Fire Emblem Heroes’ New Year Event

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Today Nintendo and Intelligent Systems revealed a new summoning focus for the new year, with heroes themed after the holiday, which is pretty much the most prominent in Japan.

The event includes three special heroes themed after the Japanese (Hoshidan?) New Year, Azura, Camilla, and Takumi. Of course, Camilla is the cutest by far, but you already knew this, didn’t you?

That being said, I have to begrudgingly admit that Azura might be the most useful of the bunch ability-wise. Her Sing ability that lets another take an additional action in the turn on a flier is definitely unique in the game at the moment. I’ll still shoot for Camilla, because she’s Camilla, and she’s the obvious best girl, but your mileage may vary.

On top of the new heroes, we’ll also get a new paralogue titled Happy New Year! which will grant some useful free orbs to summon them.

In the meanwhile, there are still a few days left to grab Gunnthra and her special 8% five star companions, and the Christmas heroes with the second best girl, Holiday Tharja.

The new New Year heroes will remain available for an extended period of a whole month, from December 31st to January 31st.

Fire Emblem Heroes is currently available for iOS and Android. You can check out the trailer below, in both English and Japanese versions, if you prefer the original voices.

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