Bounty Battle Rolls out the White Carpet with Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

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When we last checked in with the indie-obsessed fighting game, Bounty Battle, it was halfway through its $30,000 crowdfunding goal. Now with 3 days left to go, it’s surpassed this number on Fig and is now pushing for the first stretch goal. Dark Screen Games are planning a Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch release in late 2018.

The game features characters from series (as well as original creations) such as JotunEitr, Nuclear Throne, and Owlboy duking it out for indie superiority. The story is your usual characters-from-different-universes-are-sucked-into-the-same-one-by-magical-mcguffin.

This time its the Etheral Mana that has converged worlds and plunged everything into chaos. Each universe has picked a champion and the ‘wise beings’ that watch over everything, put a bounty on these fighters’ heads. Capturing these scores by tearing down your foes will bring you closer becoming master of all the worlds.

While the story of Bounty Battle is a little cookie-cutter, the fighting mechanics sound quite interesting. Basically you have an health bar as well as a energy bar that needs to be monitored at all times. More energy means meaner combos so resource management becomes a big part of the game’s mechanics.

There’s also in game currency known as ‘Bounty Points’. Devastating combos can unlock this virtual dough and you can spend it to unleash powerful ‘Bounty attacks’ or summon minions unique to your character. Interestingly, if your gameplay ‘lacks originality’ your BP will go bye-bye.

As the crowdfunding total climbs towards $38,000 USD a few stretch goals hang in the distance. At $45,000 USD the team at Dark Screen Games will more indie characters, arenas, and even more to Bounty Battle. $60,000 USD nets short cinematics to introduce characters. Time will only tell where the final tally will land on August 22nd.

With the latest update announcing Raz from Psychonauts as a playable character, it looks like this fighter has a lot faith from other developers. Whether the gameplay will be able to live up to the standards set by all these other indie games remains to be seen. The Fig trailer for Bounty Battle is below if you’re still considering donating:

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