Borderlands 2 Seemingly Involved with Latest Game Gearbox Teases for PAX East

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Another day, another tease from Gearbox Software about what it has coming up later this month at PAX East.

This time around, the tease in question today seems to be much more apparent than some of the previous ones we have seen. The image that Gearbox released today over on Twitter clearly seems to be from Borderlands 2, likely the studio’s most popular game. This can be seen from the look we get at Maya, one of the game’s playable characters in the picture.

The only reason that this image is somewhat hard to make out is because it has been drastically pixelated. What this pixelation means (if anything) is hard to say right now, but regardless, it seems pretty apparent that the game being teased involves Borderlands 2.

One possible option for what could be revealed later this month is a new port of Borderlands 2 or Borderlands: The Handsome Collection for the Nintendo Switch. Many fans have been begging for Gearbox to bring The Handsome Collection specifically to Switch for quite some time now and it seems like a natural fit for the console. Previously, Gearbox brought Borderlands 2 to PS Vita, so you’d have to imagine the legwork to get the game on Switch would be much less strenuous. Of course, this is all just a guess on my part, so don’t take it as fact just yet.

Alongside the recent tease of what is likely Borderlands 3, Gearbox sure seems like it has a lot to talk about at its panel on March 28 at 2:00pm.

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