Blizzard Places the Spotlight on Mei in Latest Overwatch Short

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Today, Blizzard Entertainment released a new animated short for its critically-acclaimed team-based shooter Overwatch. The new video gives some love to fan-favorite Mei.

In the ten minute clip, Mei is shown participating in a scientific experiment, which appears to have placed everyone in a cryo-chamber for an undisclosed amount of time. Eventually, she wakes up after being put in cryo-freeze for what seems to be a short period. As she prepares to start her day by making breakfast and checking her messages,  she quickly discovers that she has been asleep for nine years.

After Mei realized how much time has passed, she then learns that during her cryo-sleep, Overwatch has been disbanded. To make matters worse, she finds out that her entire team is still stuck in cryo-stasis, with no signs of a pulse.

To ensure all her hard work does not go in vain, Mei ventures across the frozen wasteland to try and fix the satellite dish. Unfortunately, her attempts are unsuccessful, and her only source of transportation is frozen.

Below, you can find the new, aforementioned short. Meanwhile, if you would like more information on the game, you can watch another new short that focuses on Junkrat as well as the announcement trailer for a new map.

Overwatch is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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