Blizzard Isn’t Counting Out a Nintendo Switch Version of Hearthstone

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In an interview with Trusted Reviews at BlizzCon 2017, Hearthstone’s senior game designer, Peter Whalen, said not to “rule out” the possibility of the game coming to Switch one day. Although it’s important to note that he specifically said nothing is currently in the works.

Hearthstone made a significant impact when it finally came to iOS, Android, and other tablet devices following its original PC/Mac release. The Switch sits somewhere in the middle of our current generation gaming consoles/PC’s and smart devices. Notably though, it does have a touchscreen and the game could easily run on the hardware. The team at Blizzard would likely have to make it so players could play the game using the Joy-Con, rather than just the touch controls to accompany TV Mode play.

As of right now, you can simply use a mouse on PC or the touch controls on iPhones and Android cellphones. It’d be interesting to see how the game would transition from handheld mode to TV mode.

On Friday, Blizzard revealed the next story coming to Hearthstone, titled Kobolds and CatacombsA slew of other announcements came out of BlizzCon this week. Including, Starcraft 2 going free to play, World of Warcraft’s next expansion, new Overwatch hero skins, and more.

Hearthstone is available now on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices — but would you want to play Hearthstone on Nintendo Switch?

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