BlazBlue: Central Fiction Receives Feline Fighter Jubei DLC and Balance Patch This Month

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Aksys announced a new character for their 2D anime fighter BlazBlue: Central Fiction, game available now for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

Character Jubei returns to the series as one of the Six Heroes who “saved humanity during the Great Dark War”, who made his first appearance in the series in the novel BlazBlue: Phase Shift 1. Jubei has been playable in the arcade version of Centrai Fiction, but a solid date for his console version debut wasn’t provided till now, which is set to launch on August 31 for $7.99 for both console versions of the game. His PC release will be announced at a later date.

Furthermore, a balance path will available for free that same day which will bring the game up to the Arcade version.

BlazBlue: Central Fiction is a fast paced 2D fighter which continues one of the most confusing stories in video game history, but who cares — it’s BlazBlue. The game has been featured in many fighting events around the world, including popular western tournament EVO.

Recently, a new title in the BlazBlue series has been teased titled BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War from Arc System Works. However, the game will release on iOS and Android, which begs the question if this will be a fighting game or visual novel.

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