BioWare is Planning to Livestream Anthem Next Week

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It’s been a bit since we’ve seen new gameplay footage for BioWare and EA’s upcoming shared-world shooter Anthem, but that could be changing next week.

In a recent series of tweets, Anthem’s Lead Producer Michael Gamble says that he is planning on livestreaming the game soon alongside fellow BioWare developer Ben Irving. While Gamble said he expected the stream to originally take place on Halloween, he said he now expects to do it next Thursday, November 1.

Gamble went on to say that the plan for the stream would be to just create a random character build and hop into the game world. If all goes according to plan, “hijinks and hilarity will ensue” — at least that’s the hope. Now that Anthem has officially entered its Alpha phase of development, I imagine that this has allowed BioWare to show the game off in this manner more easily.

As for official times and dates as to when this stream might take place, Gamble said they’ll reveal all of that information as we continue to inch closer to next week. We’ll keep you posted here on DualShockers as well once those details become official.

Anthem is slated to launch early next year on February 22 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you’d like to pre-order the game ahead of that time, you can head over to Amazon right now to do so.

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