Biomutant Gets 25 Minutes of New Gameplay from PAX West

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Late last month at Gamescom, THQ Nordic revealed studio Experiment 101’s new open-world action RPG, BioMutant. 

New gameplay has emerged straight out of PAX West showing off some earlier quests and enemies players can expect to find in the game’s world.

BioMutant stars a furry humanoid creature who sort of looks like Fox McCloud if he to have a much darker backstory.

We get a good look at combat, enemies, world design, and slight hints at what the story may revolve around in the gameplay down below. Combat looks to be a mixture of dodging and attacking, like many other action RPGs before it. Your character uses a large blade as well as two dual pistols for ranged damage.

The enemies in the game all have been affected and changed by the post-apocalyptic world around you, ranging from large, altered beasts, to other tiny monsters with guns, much like yourself.

In the demo, there’s also a narrator who guides you throughout. At the beginning of the demo he says:

“A plague is ruining the land, but the Tree of Life still stands. Question is, for how long?”

He also mentions “tribes” that are divided within the world. Meaning that we may have to influence different tribes as well as the game’s overall story. How much of an impact we’ll have with these things is yet to be seen. What we have been shown is a Yin and Yang type system where you can make good or evil choices that’ll be tracked.

Late last month BioMutant received a new cinematic trailer alongside some new gameplay and screenshots, as well as 11 minutes of extra gameplay all from Gamescom.

BioMutant is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC sometime next year. You can check out the new gameplay down below.

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