Best be on the Right Side of the Law Mower for its PC Release or You Might Get Trimmed

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The day has finally come! The uncomparable Law Mower is out now on Steam by the irreverent folks at Scoria Studios. It’s available for $9.99 USD for the PC and you can get an extra 15% off if you buy it before August 17th. That’s as much as you’d get for mowing your neighbor’s yard when you were a teenager.

The last time we checked in with the devs, they had a contest to give people who tweeted out their trimmed grass a free copy of their game. Now they’re looking to capture the coveted,and definitely not made up, ‘law mowing game of the year (LMGOTY)’ award. With tight shearing action and a number of enemies to turn into bloody fertilizer, it’s hard to see Law Mower not at least getting an honorable mention.

With the launch, Scoria unleashed another Law Mower trailer, this time giving us a look at the different foes you’ll be facing. From renegade rocketeers to godlike gophers, there won’t be a lack of opposition as you head towards your goal of mowing every blade of grass in the world. From Russia to the United States to even more, the green of the globe is staring you directly in the eye and challenging you. Either you mow or you mow-ve on in this deadly game bladed, gasolined, push carts.

Buyers can expect a 45 level single campaign with different weather effects, multiplayer battles full of classic modes such as death match and capture the flag, and a map editor to allow you to build your own lawn/obstacle course. You can check out the launch trailer for Law Mower below and bask in its ridiculousness.

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