Bandai Namco Promises News About Gundam Console Games Coming Next Week

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If there’s one thing that never gets old, that’s Gundam games, and if you’re wondering about what’s next, you’re going to know quite soon.

Today Bandai Namco announced a dedicated livestream that will be hosted next week. More precisely, the “Gundam Game New Year Festival 2018″ will happen on January 16th (Tuesday) at 9 PM Japan Time. This translates to 1 PM CST, Noon GMT, 7 AM EST and 4 AM PST.

If you’re afraid that this might be about the usual mobile games, worry no more. The announcement explicitly mentions console games. To be precise it talks of “Home Gundam Games,” but this actually doesn’t mean that portable consoles are excuded. The Japanese term “Katei-yo,” which literally means “for home use” actually refers to all dedicated consoles, including portables.

At the moment no information has been provided on which games will be showcased, nor if the show will be dedicated entirely to new titles, or there will be info for existing ones like Gundam Versus. That being said, it’s pretty likely that we might hear about the previously-teased Gundam Battle Operation 2 for PS4, that is scheduled to come this year. I certainly can’t wait to see more about that.

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