BadLand Games Opening a New Studio in Poland to Bolster Publishing Efforts

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Spanish video game distributor and publisher BadLand Games has rebranded its corporate identity and opened a new branch: BadLand Games Research Poland in Warsaw, allowing the company to expand its publishing efforts and work with a wider variety of growing indie studios. The Warsaw office has also begun working on its own game.

On top of this, they have also launched their very own publishing division for indie games, BadLand Games Publishing.

BadLand Games is a distribution business in Spain, which has expanded into publishing and worked on titles such as BOOR, Velocity 2X, and The Sexy Brutale in a variety of capacities, including physical publishing. It also has its in-house developed project Awe.

The company says it is kicking off its new vision by publishing two projects: Vostok Inc. and Necrocosmos. Vostok is a twin-stick shooter being created by Nosebleed Interactive in the UK, and will launch in July for PS4, Xbox One and PS Vita. Necrocosmos is a Metroidvania-style action game developed by Spanish studio Andromeda Project, and will come to Kickstarter in August.

CEO Luis Quintans expands on the expansion of BadLand Games,

BadLand Games Publishing is born from the ambition to take the creativity and freshness of the new indie games to a wider audience. There are lots of newly founded studios that are breaking away with visual and playable conventions, and our goal is to help them reach a public who is avid for innovative content.

Badland Games recently distributed the physical PS4 release of Cavalier Studio’s The Sexy Brutale: Full House Edition in the UK, which was co-developed and published by Rime developer Tequila Works.

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