Badass Hero Finally Receives Third Comic Book Level; Nintendo Switch Version Announced

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Badass Hero from Awesome Games Studio is a fun sidescrolling 2D platformer/shooter inspired by titles like Comix Zone and Metal Slug that hit Steam Early Access last year. I liked the game then, and it continues to be fun, only getting more and more content. Today, there was a huge content update that added a third comic book (which serves as the game’s worlds) to the game.

This comic book is titled The Last Stand of Earth and has players fighting an alien invasion. This comic book gives players access to a whole new unique environment, eleven new enemies, three minibosses, and one super boss. According to the developers, this is only the beginning of this comic book’s content, as it will be updated with even more new content as the game stays in Early Access. This update also finally lets players hold melee weapons at all times.

While Badass Hero is currently only on PC due to being in Early Access, Xbox One and PS4 versions had been previously confirmed. That being said, the press release garnering this news also reveals that the game will be coming to Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s wildly successful console handheld hybrid. Badass Hero’s roguelike nature will be a good fit for the system and just add to the lineup of solid indie game gracing that platform.

You can check out a trailer and some screenshots of the new comic book below. Badass Hero is currently available on PC via Early Access, but will launch on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch; there is no definitive release date as of right now.

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