Attack on Titan 2’s Platforms for the West Announced: PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC

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Today Koei Tecmo announced with a press release the specific platforms on which the upcoming Attack on Titan sequel – aptly titled Attack on Titan 2 – will be released in the west.

The game will come on PS4, Xbox One and PC, on top of Nintendo’s new console, the Switch. As many expected, it’s skipping the PS Vita version coming only to Japan, since Koei Tecmo appears to consider the platform pretty much dead in the west.

On top of the announcement, we also get to see quite a few new screenshots, including titan-killing action, the creepy titans themselves, interaction with the rich cast of the anime/manga, and story cutscenes.

We also hear once more that the game includes improved omni-directional mobility gear gameplay that offers better targeting precision and freedom of movement to counter the titans, that also had their moves improved.

There will be more advanced RPG elements, and deeper character interaction will help the player gain better insight in the relationships and motivations of their fellow squad-mates.

Attack on Titan 2 will launch at a not yet specified time, even if more information has been promised for the “upcoming weeks.”

You can check out the screenshots below, and read our recent interview with Producer Hisashi Koinuma, in which he revealed the PS4 and Xbox One versions for the first time.


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