Attack on Titan 2 Gets Details on Buddy Actions and New Ways to Take Down Titans

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Koei Tecmo provided new details about their titan-slaying action game Attack on Titan 2, coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC in March 2018 in North America and Europe, and in Japan with each platform confirmed with an additional PS Vita release.

One of the newest features of Attack on Titan 2 are “Buddy Actions”, this is how players can enable support options that will help their team in battle. These options include, Rescue, Recovery, and Titan Transformation. The latter is a special option that will enable characters the potential to use the power of Titans.

Additionally, new moves have been added, such as, hook drives that allow characters to jump and evade for those who like to get up close and fight. On the other hand, Scouts are also able to strategize and sneak around Titans, which is difficult, but can prove to be a valuable tactic in battle. Balancing these styles of gameplay is important, but players will also be able to use items like flash grenades and restraining guns at their disposal to give them an extra bit of help.

Outside of battles, players are able to replenish their 3D Maneuvering Gear gas and weapons at various bases. Each base they visit might have different items and new options to help them against the Titans.

Recently, the publisher launched a new action trailer as well as a handful of new screenshots.

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