Assassin’s Creed Origins Gets Spectacular 4K Trailer Showcasing its Massive Open World and Cleopatra

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Today Ubisoft released a brand new trailer of Assassin’s Creed Origin, focusing on the game’s open world.

The video, which also includes commentary by Game Director Ashraf Ismail, explains how the game doesn’t just provide a couple of cities to explore, but an entire country that you can freely travel across. It’s the biggest world ever created for the series.

Ismail also mentions that there is a lot of granularity in the detail, including NPCs, animals and more. It’s “much, much” more dense than previous AC games.

Actually, having played the game just yesterday, I can testify to what Ismail says, considering that I played the game just yesterday. I was exploring the city of Memphis (which is shown in the video) and its surroundings, while chatting with Creative Director Jean Guesdon.

The area of the demo already felt massive, but he takes the controls for a moment, and starts zooming out the map, and zooming out, and some more. The more he zoomed out, the more playable areas (that unfortunately were blocked off in the demo) appeared. The size of it all was mind-boggling.

We also get to see the exploration of a pyramid with its puzzles and rare treasures, and cutscenes showcasing the legendary Cleopatra.

You can check out the video below, and if you want to see moreyou can check out the cinematic trailer, a video on combat, some gameplay and a trailer from Microsoft’s press conference at E3, another trailer from Ubisoft’s own briefinga large batch of screenshots, and more gameplay on Xbox One X.

Assassin’s Creed Origins will launch for PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 27th.

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