ARMS Graphic Novels Coming from Nintendo and Dark Horse in 2018

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Since its release this summer, ARMS has proven to be a unique experience on the Nintendo Switch thanks to its roster of quirky and colorful characters, with Nintendo to flesh out its stretchy-armed heroes’ stories next year with a new series of graphic novels.

Comic publisher Dark Horse has announced that the company has partnered with Nintendo to produce a series of graphic novels based on the characters and world of ARMS, with the series of novels to begin releasing in 2018.

Dark Horse provided a first look at artwork from the upcoming graphic novel series showcasing characters from the game such as Master Mummy, Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, and many others illustrated by artist Joe Ng, who also worked on comics based on other game franchises such as Street FighterDarkstalkers, and Overwatch.

Details on the book are vague at this point, but it’s still an interesting development for an especially interesting game. The characters of ARMS have quite a bit of personality, and the graphic novels sound like a fun way to expand on the game’s intriguing lore. Now, we may finally get the answers as to why Helix is the creepy character that he is.

ARMS is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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