ARK: Survival Evolved’s Second Expansion Aberration Launches Today

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Studio Wildcard’s dinosaur-filled open-world ARK: Survival Evolved newest expansion releases today. ARK: Aberration is live and to celebrate its launch, a new trailer flaunts the new vistas, tools, and weapons now available in the game.

In the new expansion, you wake up on the derelict ARK known as Aberration which features extreme radioactive sunlight, earthquakes, and environmental hazards all within an elaborate underground system.

A number of new creatures with unique abilities — due to the presence of intense radiation — are available to tame as you explore the depths of the cavernous ARK. The chameleon-like Rock Drake will allow you to climb and glide throughout Aberration while the Cave Crustacean will aid you in defeating multiple enemies at once. You can even get impregnated by the Reaper Queen to spawn your own Reaper you can tame and control.

Over fifty unique items will be available for you to craft to help you overcome the harsh environment of Aberration. As seen in the trailer, cave-climbing picks, wingsuits, and ziplines will aid you in traversing throughout the ARK while hazmat outfits, charge lanterns, flashbangs, and railguns will help you dominate any opposing threat.

ARK: Survival Evolved first arrived on Steam Early Access back in 2015. Studio Wildcard finally launched the full version of the game for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac, and Linux in August of this year at $59.99.

ARK: Aberration is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Mac, and Linux for $19.99. If you acquired the $44.99 Season Pass, you will be able to download the new expansion, as well as the previously released Scorched Earth DLC as part of your purchase.

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