Apple Announces iPhone 8 and iPhone X’s A11 Bionic Processor Designed for 3D Gaming and Metal 2

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During its September 2017 Special Event, Apple just officially unveiled the A11 Bionic processor that will power the newly-announced iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

The new SoC is said to be the most powerful mobile chip ever created, and comes with six cores, a 64-bit design and 4.3 million transistors under the hood.

Of the six cores, two are performance cores (25% faster than A10), four are high-efficiency cores (70% faster than A10), and a 2nd generation Apple-designed performance controller (with 70% faster multithread workloads).

Perhaps even more relevant for gaming, the A11 comes with an Apple-designed integrated GPU, which is 30% faster than A10, and provides the same performance than A10 at half the power consumption.

The processor is designed for 3D gaming with the use of the Metal 2 API. Incidentally, we saw an image of Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition introducing the feature.

The iPhone 8 itself has been designed with Augmnented re in mind, with cameras calibrated for it, low-light capabilities and 60 frames per second, a new gyro and accelerometer, and accurate motion tracking.

The A11 Bionic will also contribute to the experience in augmented reality using the CPU for world-tracking and scenes, the GPU to render realistic graphics at 60 FPS, and the ISP for real-time lighting.

Among the games designed for augmented reality on iOS on stage we saw Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade by Pixel Toys, and even more interestingly The Machines by Directive Gaming. The Machines came with some numbers, as it can display the whole battle stage on screen with 1.2 million polygons and 4K textures. the game will be exclusive to iOS, and is a full-fledged competitive AR game.

The iPhone 8 will launch on September 22nd, with pre-orders starting on September 15th. The price will start at $699.

The iPhone X will launch on November 3rd, with pre-orders available from October 27th. It will cost you an arm and a leg… Ahem, I mean $999 for the cheapest model.

Earlier today, we also saw Thatgamecompany’s new game Sky, which will also be exclusive to iOS.

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