Apex Legends Emotes – All Known Emotes from Apex Legends Legacy

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There is plenty to get excited about for Apex Legends Legacy. If it were only the new Arena game mode and the new Legend Valkyrie, I think fans would be satisfied. However, Respawn is adding even more in the form of new Legend emotes.

Fans have been asking for specialized character emotes in Apex Legends for a while, and now they’re coming to the game for Legacy. There are only a handful of confirmed emotes that we know of so far, but it seems like they’re going to be another cosmetic added to the list of things available in Apex Packs.

Here are all of the Apex emotes that are confirmed to be coming to the game starting with the new season on May 4, 2021.

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Apex Legends Legacy Arena and Valkyrie Gameplay

Apex Legends Legacy Arena and Valkyrie Gameplay
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Apex Legends New Emotes

Here are the new emotes coming to the game:






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For any and all things Apex Legends Legacy, make sure to stay right here with DualShockers once the new season of the game goes live.

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