Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s Latest Update Adds Holiday Furniture, Villagers, and More

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While there aren’t any official patch notes for the latest update of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, fans of the newly-released game aren’t waiting. The already active Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp subreddit (/r/ACPocketCamp) is actively datamining the update to see what treasures lay within.

But what’s in the update? As you would believe with a post-Black Friday patch, a collection of packs celebrating the upcoming holidays are included. With both New Years 2018 and Holiday 2017 decorations, players can start adding Christmas trees to their campsites. And if you aren’t the type of person to get into the holiday spirit, a new theme, 11 new villagers, and amenties have made the cut as well.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp had a relatively surprise launch earlier this week, when it randomly appeared on both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. Before then, the mobile game only had a few vague release windows in November. Check out the full patch notes below:

  • Timing changes; According to the Japanese ACPC twitter several timing changes have occurred and are probably in this update. Click here for more info.
  • Notice on Timing Changes; A notice was put out InGame regarding the timing changes to help with the server overloard. Click here for more info.
  • Catalog Adjustment; Default flooring and wallpaper from camper were added to the catalog
  • NEW VILLAGERS & FURNITURE; Currently being datamined, and a pastebin listing names of villagers and furniture as well as images will be up shortly (Thanks to bluesun). Currently found are 11 new villagers, and 76 new pieces of furniture. These furniture are a mix of christmas and new year (zodiac) stuff, as well as clothing and extra furniture.
  • New theme and amenities; As stated above, will update as soon as bluesun finishes pull out the assets.
    • Villager names: Antonio, Mitzi, Bluebear, June, Goose, Drake, Raddle, Phoebe, Avery, Vesta, Marashal
    • Villager Portraits:
    • Villager heads:
    • Clothing:
    • Google Play Clothing: There is mention in a text string that there’s an “Android-exclusive present from Google Play”. These are the 3 pieces that associate with that,
    • Amenities: (It’s 1 amenity set, just 1 variants signifying Lv1 vs Lv 3/5 since last level has upgraded looks)
    • Furniture:
    • Crafting Materials:
    • New Furniture Categories: Holiday 2017, New Year’s 2018, Event Challenge, Host the Most, Friend Frenzy, Event Challenge,
    • New Catalog Categores: tourism, medical, alpine series, office, sloppy series, New Year’s 2018, Holiday 2017
    • New Theme & Essence: Rustic
    • Text files: containing everything added in is here
    • Villager descriptions: All new villager descriptions are in here
    • New Banners: All the new banners on upcoming animals (May be 2 waves), Party Packs, and Special Offers (For Holiday + New Year furniture)

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