Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Will Be Available Later This Week

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Nintendo has finally revealed the official release date for their upcoming mobile title Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. The game will be available later this week on November 22 worldwide.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp introduces some minor changes to the series that’ll hopefully make it more fun on a mobile device. Firstly, instead of a town, you build up your own campsite alongside your friends and animal neighbors. Isabelle, your helper from Animal Crossing: New Leaf hands over the campsite to you and after that it’s up to you to build it up just like you would a town.

There will be recreation areas where you’re able to collect fruit, go fishing, and capture all sorts of insects just like other entries in the series. You can develop friendships with the animal NPCs and earn cool rewards in recreational areas by helping them find all of the things that they need.

You’ll also be able to use crafting items to put in orders and get furniture and other decorations to really make your camp your own. You can open your campsite up to other animals and they can come visit you whenever. The game also gives you access to a camper that sort of acts like a smaller house that you can decorate.

If you missed out on the first Nintendo Direct where the game was revealed, you can check it out here.

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