Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Announced for Mobile Devices; Due out Late November

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After what has seemed like a lifetime of waiting, Nintendo finally revealed the first extensive details of the mobile Animal Crossing title which we now know is called Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

As you might have guessed from the name, this edition of Animal Crossing finds us at a campsite with many new, and some familiar, animal friends. Like past Animal Crossing titles, Pocket Camp is all about making friends and customizing your living space with furniture and other stylish items. You can earn this gear through purchases at a shop, from gifts via animal friends, or through crafting.

Additionally, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp allows player to increase their friendship level with the various animals that they will run into at their campsite. When your level increases with different characters, you can then invite them to your camp to come hang out. This leveling system is a first for the Animal Crossing series but looks to shake up relationships much more than in the past.

One of the other most notable features from Pocket Camp is the addition of a camper. Through this vehicle, you can travel around the land of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp to various environments such as the beach, quarry, and even the woods. The camper isn’t just a means of travel though, as you can also customize both its interior and exterior.

There’s a ton of other features that were showcased in today’s Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Direct such as multiplayer functionality, and a new form of currency called Leaf Tickets that allow you to gather more bugs, fish, or even allow you to speed up crafting times. You can find these features and a bunch more in the full video from today’s Nintendo Direct at the bottom of the page.

As of now, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is slated to release later in November with no specific date yet scheduled. When it releases, it will arrive on iOS and Android devices.

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