An Infamous Jäger Glitch in Rainbow Six Siege is Getting Patched

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Rainbow Six Siege‘s Jäger apparently can’t catch a break. Whether it be the loss of his ACOG sight or the impending correction that will prevent him from putting a bullet-proof shield on his face, developer Ubisoft Montreal is set on making sure that he’s as balanced as can be, and more importantly, that he’s no longer capable of a game-breaking exploit.

The exploit in question involves a certain series of button inputs that allow Jäger to place a Ballistic Shield on his own head and move about the map unimpeded. It stays right on his head, regardless of where he goes or which way he leans, meaning being shot in the head is a non-issue.

Ubisoft Montreal has said that a patch that fixes this glitch is on the way for PC as early as next week, but console players will have to wait a little longer.

There are certain aspects “outside [their] our control” that are inhibiting them from deploying a patch at this time, according to their Reddit post. This just means that the fix to this glitch won’t be available on consoles until the next scheduled Mid-Season Reinforcements patch.

There are other glitches that involve specific button inputs, but my personal favorite is deploying multiple Tachanka turrets, though this isn’t as game-breaking and has a lot more comedic value.

Rainbow Six Siege is heading into its 3rd year on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The game recently surpassed 25 million lifetime players. You can check out the content roadmap, which details the rest of the map and operator additions, here.

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