Amazon Boasts Video Game Sale to Round Out January

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2018 is here, and 2017 is in the past. Apparently, and the first month of the new year is almost at its end. But don’t be sad, Amazon is celebrating January with a month-end sale on several games for PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, PC, Switch, and 3DS.

The games are being offered with a discount up to 74% on a nice selection of titles.

Titles like Final Fantasy XV on Xbox One for $19.99, which just had a PC and Royal Edition announced, and Middle-Earth: Shadow of War on PS4 and Xbox One for $38.57. Shadow of War is getting a new story DLC next month, so if you’re looking to jump in, now might be the time.

The list of games in this sale is quite extensive, ranging from RPGs, action games, and even sports games. It’s worth taking a look, regardless of the type of gamer you are.

Take a look below:

See any you like?

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