Amazing Katamari Damacy Rolls onto iOS and Android Today

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Last year, Bandai Namco Entertainment trademarked Amazing Katamari Damacy. Today, the publisher delivered on that trademark and released a title named Amazing Katamari Damacy on iOS and Android devices.

The game is free-to-play and developed by Paladin Studios, blending the traditional Katamari gameplay with the ever-popular endless runner genre of games that dominate Google Play and the App Store. Like in the main series games, players must collect and roll up a variety of different objects to put the stars back in the night sky.

Players can grow their high score by collecting items and making it as far as they can in the game; of course, this isn’t always easy, as there are a variety of obstacles that players can run into. One can also upgrade and call on Foomin, Marny, Fujio, Macho, Opeo and Nik in order to get some help during a specific run.

While this may not be the next-gen Katamari experience that many series fans are waiting for, Amazing Katamari Damacy still shows that Bandai Namco is aware of and actively invested in the IP. If you want to see the game in action, you can check out one of the wackiest trailers I have ever seen for a mobile game below. Amazing Katamari Damacy is now available worldwide on iOS and Android.

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