Always Sometimes Monsters Coming to PS4 Next Week

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Developer Vagabond Dog and publisher Devolver Digital have announced that the former’s role-playing game, Always Sometimes Monsters, is coming to PS4 on October 10, aka next Tuesday.

As you may know, Always Sometimes Monsters debuted back in May 2014 via a PC release. It then came to Mac, Linux, and mobile devices the following year.

In the game, you play as author who has just been made aware that the love of his life is marrying someone else across the country within a month. This news comes during a time when you’re being evicted, which also means you can’t finish your current manuscript. Thus with little choice left in life, you set out on the open road on a mission to win back the love your life. From there, the story, and whether or not you salvage your life, is up to you.

According to Vagabond Dog, Always Sometimes Monsters is a story-driven experience that focuses on relationships and emotional bonds rather that traditional RPG combat and adventuring. Notably, you can choose your character’s gender, race, and sexual preference, which in turns changes how NPCs interact with you, which then in turns opens or closes certain paths along the way.

A sequel, dubbed Sometimes Always Monsterswas announced back in 2015. It’s currently unclear when it will release.

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