All Walls Must Fall Busts Out of Early Access with Launch Trailer

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Hats off to Berlin-based developer inbetweengames. Their self-labeled “very gay, very Berlin, Tech-Noir Tactics game” All Walls Must Fall is making its way out of Steam Early Access, and is celebrating with a brand new “coming out” trailer.

All bad wordplay aside, All Walls Must Fall shows off the tactics-based gameplay and time-manipulation fun that the title has become known for. Not much about the actual story is showcased in the trailer, but it’s hard not to fall in love with the seemingly-soviet themed isometric art style.

Of course, like most Early Access releases, this isn’t the only announcement for the game. All Walls Must Fall will be staying at its 30% discount — $9.99 — through launch. Developer inbetweengames hasn’t made it clear when that discount will be ending, so you may want to keep an eye on the price if you are interested in checking out the “tech-noir” title.

All Walls Must Fall was a Kickstarter title that easily outdid the initial $16,000-ish goal. Following the Kickstarter, the game launched into Early Access about six months ago, offering themed-discounts and updates along the way.

All Walls Must Fall is available now exclusively for PC. Check out the Coming Out trailer below:

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