Action Adventure VR Exclusive Apex Construct Announced Coming First to PlayStation VR

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Independent developer Fast Travel Games is a new studios established by industry veterans from titles such as Angry Birds 2Mirror’s Edge, and Battlefield. Their goal is to create virtual reality titles that are rich in both social elements and storytelling. They have now revealed their first title called Apex Construct.

Apex Construct is an action adventure title set in a far-flung future where humanity’s hubris has spawned robots that lurk around every corner. You must traverse this overrun world with only your upgradeable bow and arrow to defend yourself and to ultimately uncover this world’s darkest secrets.

Players will need to develop quick reflexes to stay alive in this world, but thriving requires a little more than pure skill. Apex Construct will feature a variety of puzzles where players will be expected to utilize motion controllers and unveil more of the story within a broken world being torn even further asunder by two opposing AIs.

The developer says that great care has been taken to make Apex Construct feel immersive, creating a rich and believable world.

“Immersion in virtual reality isn’t just about realistic motions and movements – it’s also about how believable the world you’ve stepped into becomes, and how much you can interact with it. That’s why we’ve focused so much on world building in Apex Construct.”

Of course, great care has also been taken to make the mechanics of operating a bow and arrow feel real.

“Attaining a true sense of immersion requires motions that feel natural to a player. We’ve made sure to do this in every moment of Apex Construct, whether that’s pulling back on a bow, throwing a grenade, or rummaging through old buildings.”

Apex Construct does not currently have a release date, but it is a VR exclusive that will be released first for PlayStation VR, then HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Microsoft Mixed Reality Headsets. For more information on the game, you should visit its official website. You can also find the game’s announcement trailer in the video provided below.

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