7 Billion Humans Announced by Tomorrow Corporation; Sequel To Human Resource Machine

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Tomorrow Corporation, the developers behind Little Inferno and Human Resource Machine have just announced a new game to join their library called 7 Billion Humans.

The new game is a direct continuation of the events in Human Resource Machine. The ever-present threat in the previous title was that the robots were coming if the humans didn’t perform their jobs adequately. 7 Billion Humans seems to bring that fear to life, as robots have come to take over all the work on Earth.

In the weirdly charming, bleak nature of Tomorrow Corporation fashion, the issue of automation is brought to life. Not much is revealed about the game in the trailer below, except for the premise. The robots have created “well-paying” jobs for all 7 billion humans on Earth inside one office building.

While Little Inferno and Human Resource Machine were mostly unrelated, the gameplay in 7 Billion Humans is that of Human Resource Machine but on a macro scale. Instead of playing one person in an office building, the game’s website shows that you play as swarms of office workers. Solve puzzles, and learn to automate your office workers to do the work for you. If that causes some cognitive dissonance in relation to the whole point of robots in the first place, that’s because it’s supposed to!

7 billion humans 7 billion humans

7 billion humans

7 Billion Humans does not have a release date yet, but the uncomfortable parallels of their world will launch soon on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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