2D Metroidvania A Hole New World PS4 Release Date Announced Along with NES Cartridge Challenge

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Mad Gear Games released its classically-styled 2D metroidvania, A Hole New World earlier this year for PC. The game has since been launched on Xbox One and has been anticipated on PlayStation 4. Today, the developer announced the release date for the title’s PS4 launch.

A Hole New World, releasing on PlayStation 4 on September 5 in North America and September 6 in Europe, is about an invasion from the Upside Down World. As the city’s Potion Master, it is up to you and a helpful fairy named Fäy to extinguish every last bit of evil from the land.

A Hole New World is a title inspired by Mad Gear Games’ love for titles such as CastlevaniaMega Man, and Ghouls ‘n Goblins, in which gameplay and playability were king. In the spirit of these 2D masterpieces, the developer brings a title that focuses more on its level of simplicity and difficulty rather than complex controls or tutorials.

In addition to the announcement regarding the PlayStation 4 release, Mad Gear Games has revealed a similar promotion to the one that it held for the game’s previous launches. The first three people who are able to unlock all of the game’s trophies and contact the developer on either Facebook or Twitter will be provided with A Hole New World on an NES cartridge.

A Hole New World released on May 19, 2017 for Steam and on June 8, 2017 for Xbox One. The game is currently available for $9.99. It will release for PlayStation 4 on September 5 (North America) and September 6 (Europe).

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