18+ Version of The Eden of Grisaia Finally Released in the West

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Denpasoft announced that the adult content in the conclusion of the Grisaia trilogy, The Eden of Grisaia, is now available for fans to purchase from Denpasoft’s official website (must be 18+ to enter).

With the all-ages version originally launching in the west in April, the adult version of the game has added scenarios depicting some adult situations between the main protagonist, Kazami Yuuji, and the female cast members.

The Eden of Grisaia directly follows the events of the previous games, The Fruit of Grisaia and The Labyrinth of Grisaia, and it’s urged that players play through those two games before jumping into the final story. The Eden of Grisaia begins with Yuuji going missing, which propels the story towards a climax where “all questions will be finally answered”.

Additionally, the game includes two side story chapters, After Story and Prologue de la Grisaia. In Prologue de la Grisaia, players will get to witness what the five female protagonists were like before Yuuji showed up at Mihama Academy.

Currently, the game is being sold at a 25% discount for early buyers for a limited time.

It should be mentioned that the entire trilogy is now available in all-ages and adult versions. The adult version does include mosaic censoring.

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