12 Month PlayStation Plus Subscription Valid 15 Months due to New Promotion in Europe

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Last Month, Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe announced that prices for PlayStation Plus in the Old Continent are gonna get a hike starting on August 31st.

Today the house of PlayStation reached out with a press release, announcing a promotion that just kicked off and will be valid until August 29th.

The promotion can be found on the European PlayStation Store, and offers fifteen months of PlayStation Plus at the price of twelve, and even better, it still uses the old price, since it didn’t change yet (€49.99 or £39.99 depending on where you are located).

The press release also clarifies that the offer is valid both for new and existing PlayStation Plus subscribers.

As a reminder, prices will change on August 31st, with a year of subscription that will go from €49.99 to €59.99 (or £39.99 to £49.99 if you’re in the U.K.). Three months will cost €24,99/£19.99 instead of €19,99/£14.99, and a single month will require you to pay €7,99/£6,99 instead of €6,99/£6,99.

It’s worth mentioning that the price hike brought the European prices of PlayStation Plus in line with those in North America, that were increased in 2016 without an equivalent move in the Old Continent. That said, at least for now you have a chance to dodge them, which isn’t all that bad.

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