Roblox Nerf Hub Event 2021 – How to Get Dart Cap and Dart Glasses

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Roblox and Nerf are partnering again for another crossover event this year that will grant you some in-game items. Would you like to get a Dart Cap and Glasses? Then stay with us in the full guide to achieve these items in the Roblox Nerf Hub Event 2021.

Roblox has always been a sweet destination for those who care about gaming in a fun and stressless community. Featuring an ever-growing catalog of games, Roblox is a platform that both gamers and developers enjoy using.

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Although the number of big crossovers in Roblox might not be as many as that of Fortnite, the game still has its own popular crossovers with toy companies to bring some classy items into the game that you can have a real-world variant in your home as well.

Collaborating with Nerf in Nerf Hub game is one of those incredible crossovers that has been updated with a new event recently.

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Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania – Character Reveal

How to Get Dart Cap and Dart Glasses in Roblox Nerf Hub Event 2021

First things first, let me assure you that it’s not hard at all to get both of the free items in the new event. You can grab both in less than five minutes.

Dart Cap:

Enter the Nerf Hub and head toward an aquarium of prizes called Claw Machine. It’s an easy-to-use device that you’ve probably seen real-world variants.

Just control the Claw to pick up a prize from the pool and then pull it up. If you do it successfully, you will get the Dart Cap item as a reward.

Dart Glasses:

Now, go to the Practice Range arena and select a weapon of your choice to start testing your shooting skills. Try to get the best record in the shooting session and afterward, you will be rewarded with a Dart Glasses item. (Thanks, TwiistedPandora!)

Roblox is now available for free on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Android, iOS, and PC.

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