Pathfinder Wrath of Righteous Update 1.0.7 Patch Notes

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Pathfinder Wrath of Righteous update 1.0.7 patch notes were shared on Steam only a few hours earlier, delivering tons of fixes to quests, gameplay mechanics, locations, and other sections of the game.

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous has received several updates since its launch, but it seems the game still has a long way until an acceptable polish.

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Today, the developers shared the Pathfinder WoR update 1.0.7 patch notes which include mostly hotfixes for various sections of the games, most importantly for quests, so that players would be able to continue their progress in the game.

In addition to quests, the new update also improves the User Interface and fixes some combat and gameplay issues.

Below, you can take a look at all Pathfinder WoR Update 1.0.7 patch notes in detail:

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous | Trailer

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous | Trailer

Pathfinder Wrath of Righteous Update 1.0.7 Patch Notes

Quests and companions

  • Camelia sometimes kept hiding in the basement for too long – fixed;
  • Ramien’s death sometimes didn’t register correctly, which led to odd situations in later chapters.
  • Mercy quest could become blocked for players visiting aasimar’s basement earlier than intended – fixed;
  • Romantic brawl with Lann now has a time limit, so non-melee classes no longer take forever to end the fight;
  • Camelia can no longer miraculously appear in the party in Act 2 after being killed in Act 1.
  • Sometimes coronation for Gold Dragon could end earlier than intended – fixed;
  • It’s no longer possible to meet quest characters in the barracks of Battle Bliss Arena if the player wasn’t locked up;
  • If Regill died too quickly during The Final Verdict, quest NPCs could stop reacting to further actions – fixed;
  • The Last Resort quest couldn’t be completed when choosing certain dialogue options – fixed;
  • Mielara Tumberd could open a portal even for a player who bargained with Nocticula, but the portal didn’t work. Portal will no longer appear in such circumstances.
  • In The Final Verdict quest, Regill’s pet no longer fights its master;
  • Cutscene with Hepzamirah in Colyphyr Mines no longer freezes if the player went off the Angel mythic path.
  • Fixed an issue in Once in Alushinyrra quest, where the player would be in Nocticula’s palace and Yozz would only offer teleportation;
  • Fixed an issue in Chapter 5, that could lead to uninteractive quests and NPCs;
  • It was possible to proceed to Chapter IV without completing the Trickster quest, which caused an array of issues in later chapters – fixed;
  • Mephistophele now has correct stats for all mythic paths and controls the amount of his summons properly.
  • When undergoing Death’s Embrace ritual without companions, attack on the top floor of the Ziggurat now begins immediately.
  • Arueshalae’s alignment now changes correctly during her quests;
  • Sosiel no longer tries to draw in Nexus mines during combat;
  • In Once in Alushinyrra… quest one of dialogue lines had an incorrect speaker – fixed;
  • Assassin in Drezen now properly lies on the floor as described;
  • Aivu’s Frightful presence could force certain enemies to run off the map, leading to various issues – fixed;
  • Burning Dreams quest didn’t fail as intended when switching to Chapter 5 – fixed;
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the party with Ember in it from resting;
  • Rudeness to Velexia caused the game to freeze – fixed. Behave next time!
  • Fixed the case when rejecting Sosiel led to flying high up in the sky. It’s definitely dangerous to disappoint Sosiel.
  • In Conspiracy in Shadows allied demons could become enemies if the player supported Nocticula – fixed;
  • When you killed Areshkagal, sometimes she didn’t drop Mask of Nothing – fixed;


  • Fixed a problem causing Drezen siege cutscene in some of the old saves to become stuck.
  • You no longer suffer from Encumbrance in Battle Bliss when separated from your party;
  • Dialogue at Desna’s Altar in Lost Chapel could become unavailable – fixed;
  • It was possible to exit the Battle Bliss arena during the final battle – fixed;
  • It was impossible to leave the room in a brothel in Alushinyrra, if you loaded a save made in this room – fixed;
  • Fixed an issue in Blackwater where characters could receive a permanent electric damage debuff;
  • In Drezen player sometimes couldn’t pick Mythic path in Chapter 5 because Greybor was hostile and forced combat – fixed;
  • Animal companions now correctly rest in Drezen;
  • Fixed a bug preventing an obelisk in Ineluctable Prison from destruction;
  • Fixed another case of teleporting “into the void” in Alushinyrra;
  • It was impossible to leave the room in a brothel in Alushinyrra, if you loaded a save made in this room – fixed;
  • Fixed an issue in Blackwater where characters could receive a permanent electric damage debuff;
  • In Drezen player sometimes couldn’t pick Mythic path in Chapter 5 because Greybor was hostile and forced combat – fixed;


  • Tactical combat no longer freezes after using Mass Hideous Laughter;
  • Balance changes to one of garrison armies in chapter 3;
  • It is now possible to move a 2×2 unit one tile to the left;

Classes & Mechanics:

  • Bonuses didn’t display correctly for animal companion with Animal Focus – fixed;
  • Oracle’s Life Link ability continued to work incorrectly in some circumstances – fixed;
  • Damage Reduction worked incorrectly for Sneak and Precision damage – fixed;
  • Exploiter Wizard now can correctly merge his spellbook with Lich.
  • Animal companions no longer disappear in Nexus
  • Aeon finished calibrating his Bane. Now it affects buffs and effects cast by enemies.
  • Sometimes Ranger couldn’t select feat from Combat Style Feat, because he already has all feats – fixed;
  • Path was calculated incorrectly in TBM when moving cursor between two close-standing enemies one of which could be reached with a 5ft step, and the other couldn’t. This was one of the causes of failing touch spells – fixed;
  • Arcane Trickster’s Cantrips had invalid caster level – fixed;
  • Armored Battlemage couldn’t cast spells using Magus abilities – fixed;
  • A combination of Hideous Laughter + Best Jokes + Zippy Magic was so funny that it was able to freeze the game – fixed;
  • Self-imposed debuffs were being removed one frame too late, leading to features like Powerless Prophecy working one turn longer than necessary in TBM – fixed;
  • It wasn’t possible to cast dismiss spell as a Thassilonian Specialist – fixed;


  • Ceremonial Falcata’s effect could crash the game if you had Dreadful Carnage and fought monsters with regeneration – fixed;
  • Not enough materials were available through the course of the game for Storyteller to craft all items – fixed;
  • Menace of Death by design could grant the wearer a debuff that would stop from attacking. Now it applies a visible buff, should be less confusing.
  • Rushlight’s effect lacked description and didn’t give spell resistance – fixed;
  • Melazmera’s treasures didn’t always have a correct cost – fixed;
  • The dagger “Edge of force” wasn’t adding damage to force spells as described – fixed;
  • Items would restore charges after game load – fixed;
  • Respec made some features from items permanent – fixed;

User Interface:

  • Initiative order on top of the screen could sometimes disappear – fixed;
  • There was no notification that spellcasting is forbidden by a condition resulting from Lich’s Deadly Magic debuff, which could be applied to friendly characters – fixed;
  • With autofill action bar option disabled, player could experience a significant FPS drop or freeze – fixed;
  • Fixed a tooltip for Healing ability when targeting someone who has already been a target this day.


  • Fixed eternal loop of demonic portal sound on the third meeting with Vellexia.
  • You can now refuse to meet the travelling merchant;
  • Damage to attributes would disappear when loading saves – fixed.
  • Baphomet now remembers he can fly, and will no longer fall into pits.
  • Halaseliax had incorrect stats, causing him to be very weak in final combat – fixed;
  • Fixed “Allow sending of saved games” setting interfering with the actual saving process, including the Last Azlanti mode saves.
  • Gallu demons behaved incorrectly when trying to use their ability – fixed;

Pathfinder Warth of Righteous is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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