Nintendo Direct Reportedly Not Happening This June

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Many of the biggest companies in the gaming industry have announced plans to host online events to replace the typical e3 press conference. Ubisoft has announced a digital experience that it will be hosting. The PC Gaming Show will return. Xbox just announced today that they will be showcasing some games for the Xbox Series X on May 7. Rumors are starting to circulate that Sony will show off the PS5 in the next few weeks. We would obviously get a new Nintendo Direct, right? Sadly, Nintendo might not be following this path based on a report from Venture Beat.

According to the report, Nintendo is telling its partnered developers that it will not be holding one of its typical Directs in June.  The company had been putting together the typical Direct we normally see that time of year. It was going to show off the Switch’s first-party lineup for the rest of the year.

The reasoning behind this is the state-of-emergency that was declared by the Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe. Companies across the county had to shift to a work from home environment that they were not prepared for.

It saddens me to see this. Seeing Nintendo show off its upcoming games in June is not only one of the best times of the year to cover video games, but just to be a fan of Nintendo as well. I was greatly looking forward to possibly seeing the sequel to Breath of the Wild again as well as get a glimpse of those Super Mario Remasters.

However, this doesn’t mean we will not see another Nintendo Direct later in the year. We might just have to be a little patient this time around.

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