How to Get Amrine Tuning Orb in New World for Amrine Expedition

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Crafting the Amrine Tuning Orb in New World requires you to collect three different items. Let’s get into details and see how you can obtain the requirements.

If you have become strong enough in combat that you can participate in tough expeditions, then you might want to try out the Amrine Expedition soon enough, but it won’t be available at a low cost.

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Most of the quests or activities in New World require players to reach at least a certain level to be able to complete the missions or tasks. In some cases, you will also need to pay an entry to the mission to be eligible for participating in the activity.

New World | Launch Trailer

New World | Launch Trailer

How to Get Amrine Tuning Orb in New World

For starting an Amrine Expedition, at least one player from your party needs to use one Amrine Tuning Orb.

You can craft Amrine Tuning Orb at a Stonecutting Table Tier 3, but your going to need the requirements below:

  • Stonecutting Level 25
  • Corrupted Silver (x10)
  • Iron Chisel (x1)
  • Stone Block (x50)
  • Eternal Heart (x1)

As you may guess, your Stonecutting level will increase by simply crafting things at the Stonecutting tables. Also, you can easily craft Stone Blocks at stonecutting tables using 4 stones.

Now, let see how you can get the three remaining items (Thanks, ConCon!).

How to Get Iron Chisel

You can actually purchase Iron Chisel from Faction merchants in major cities. This is going to cost you 100 Gold plus 300 Faction tokens.

How to Get Corrupted Silver

Corrupted Silver can be obtained from Corrupted Monolith. You can find these cave-like locations randomly on the map, but they are not danger-free for low-level players.

If you manage to find and open the Corrupted Caches at any Corrupted Monolith, you will be able to obtain Corrupted Silver.

How to Get Eternal Heart

Eternal Heart is a craftable item at the Stonecutting Table. It requires Death Mote (x50), Life Mote (x50), and Soul Mote (x50). Here is how you can get the aforementioned motes:

  • Death Mote: Derived from Blightroot, Blightcrag, and Blightmoth.
  • Life Mote: Derived from Lifebloom, Lifecrag, and Lifemoth.
  • Soul Mote: Derived from Soulsprout, Soulspire, and Soulwyrm.

New World is now available for PC on Steam.

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