Hot Wheels Unleashed: How to Get the Purple Start Boost?

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Getting the purple boost in Hot Wheels Unleashed at the beginning of the race requires precise timing. Here is a detailed guide on how to get it.

Hot Wheels Unleashed has been receiving rave reviews from various gaming pundits and also the gaming community. The arcade-style game has attracted a lot of new players and old Hot Wheels lovers.

On that note, new players are learning new tricks, powerups and shortcuts to get better at the game.

One such trick is the Purple start boost at the beginning of the race. The boost helps you gain a significant lead over other players helping you win a lot of races.

So for all the new players, here is a complete guide about the start boost charge at the beginning of the game.

Hot Wheels Unleashed™ | Launch Trailer

Hot Wheels Unleashed™ | Launch Trailer

Getting Boost in the Begining of the Race- Hot Wheels Unleashed

As mentioned earlier, getting the boost at the starting of the race depends upon the timing. The boost bar obtained at the beginning may vary from 3 to 0, depending upon the execution. If you have secured 3 bars of boost, your car will emit the purple lights from its rear exhaust pipes.   

Follow these steps to perform the start boost perfectly and get the purple nitro.

  • Purple Nitro or 3 Bar: To get the three full bars of nitro, Press the Acceleration button(depending upon your platform) when the race countdown timer moves from 3 to 2. To be more precise, press when the number three disappears from your screen. If you have successfully pressed the button at the perfect time, your car will start emitting purple color nitro from its rear.
Source: The Viperian YT
  • Green Nitro or 2 Bar: While you should always aim for the purple nitro boost, sometimes you may end up with the blue nitro boost or the 2 bar boost if you have missed your timing for the purple one. But to secure this boost, you must press the acceleration key before the countdown timer hits 1.
Source: The Viperian YT

Note: Don’t let go of the acceleration button after securing a boost as it will remove all the boost and you will be left with none.

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