Fortnite Adds Guardians of the Galaxy Skin and Dance Emote for Avengers: Endgame Event

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Have y’all seen that new Avengers: Endgame movie yet? It’s making quite a lot of money so far. As such, it only made sense that the top-grossing movie franchise and the most popular video game in recent memory have some sort of crossover. Continuing from the Avengers event that began in Fortnite last week, the battle royale mode is adding some Guardians of the Galaxy content, including a familiar dance move.

The core Avengers team is well-represented in Fortnite through some new weapons, but the game is also now making a nod to the other important superhero team in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A skin based on Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, is now available in the Item Shop, as are some other Guardians trinkets as well. A glider based on the Milano ship is also available, as is a pickaxe based on the ship’s design. Also, a close look at that back bling will show a tiny little Groot attached to it.

This is a minor spoiler for Avengers: Endgame, but for those who have seen the film, it was impossible to notice the very explicit nod to Fortnite. The co-directors of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame have said on the record that members of the crew love playing Fortnite, which led to the initial crossover event in the first place last year. But now that Fortnite is canonically a video game in the MCU, one must question if they had the Thanos event in the first place.

Like, playing as Thanos in a video game within the MCU can’t be a good look—imagine if any video game in our world allowed you to play as a despotic genocidal warlord just for fun in a cartoony game for kids. But hey, no matter what reality you’re in, watching Thanos do the floss dance is quite the sight.

Check out a video of the dance emote below, which should be familiar to anyone who remembers the famous climactic scene with Chris Pratt at the end of the first Guardians of the Galaxy film. Epic Games, publisher of Fortnite, has come under fire after the release of a report detailing the long work hours from Epic employees.

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