Death Stranding Inspired $1,793 Jacket Claims to Be Timefall Proof

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Now that we are well into the springtime season, there may not be a need to purchase a jacket especially when it comes with a hefty price tag. But this is no ordinary anorak, oh no – this is a Death Stranding inspired one that claims to incorporate “Timefall proof technology” designed in “close collaboration with Hideo Kojima” and for those kinds of features, you bet your bottom dollar that you’ll pay through the nose for it – $1,793 or ¥ 192,500 to be exact.

First seen and reported by ResetEra, this jacket is based on the design of the German company Acronym’s older J1A-GT and reworked as part of a collaboration with Death Stranding’s creator Hideo Kojima and art director Yoji Shinkawa. The jacket is made of Gore-Tex Pro material for toughness and for comfort while you’re carrying all those heavy packages on your back. It’s named the ‘J1A-GTKP’ and it even has the Death Stranding and Bridges logos embroidered on the chest, arms, and back. If you happen to want to carry along a ‘baby jar’ while you’re out and about and find that you’ve nowhere to put the little bugger, there’s a bright yellow chest pouch to help ease your burden.

The listing states that the jacket is timefall proof which is a form of precipitation in Death Stranding that causes temporal acceleration of nearly anything it comes into direct contact with and we can only assume with a fair amount of confidence that this is a playful marketing ploy but then again, it is 2020 and a lot of crazy crap has gone down so far this year so let’s not rule anything out here. (touches wood and rubs a rabbit foot)

If you were hoping to become the next Sam Porter and start up your own courier service, you may have to wait a little longer. At present, all of the jackets are sold out but if you want to keep an eye out for them coming back in, you can check out the Kojima productions online store. If the model stylishly wearing the Death Stranding jacket looks familiar, then that’s because its Acronym’s co-founder, Errolson Hugh who is good friends with Hideo Kojima and who even made an appearance in the game, too. The price tag on this jacket does seem on the very steep end so its timing right now isn’t exactly practical given that most people have been hit hard by the coronavirus and don’t have a spare $1,793 laying around in their bank accounts, but there will always be eager Death Stranding fans who will go that extra mile to purchase an item like this.

Talking about going the extra mile, Cao Junjie from Shanghai went out all out in order to protect his baby from the coronavirus that he recreated Sam Porter’s Bridges suit in real-life that included a baby jar to protect his child from the deadly virus while outside. If looking at other people dressing up in Death Stranding inspired apparel is your thing, you may enjoy cosplayer and Death Stranding fan Angelina Zelda who took on the persona of Fragile and also got to meet Hideo Kojima dressed as her favorite character.

Death Stranding launched for PS4 on November 8th, 2019 and is due out on PC in June 2nd. Preorders for the latter have already gone live on both Steam and Epic Games Store.





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