Days Gone’s Drifter Bike Looks Even More Amazing in Real Life

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Imagine riding through the mountains in real life with Deacon’s Drifter Bike from Days Gone.

Let me start out by saying that if you haven’t played Days Gone yet, just do it. Naturally, not every game is for everyone and Sony Bend’s latest title might not be for you but don’t get put off by the negative press it got at the start and find out for yourself.

Days Gone – Features Trailer

Days Gone – Features Trailer

Personally, I had a fantastic time. Who the hell doesn’t want to ride around on a badass motorbike whilst riding across beautiful landscapes and smashing the crap out of zombies all day? Talking about bitchin’ hot motorcycles, a very cool person went and built Deacon’s trusty Drifter bike from the game just because they could.

Showcased on Bend Studio’s Twitter page, Jared Johnson from Portland, Oregon displays their awesome looking Days Gone Drifter Bike that looks like it has been pulled straight out of the game. Jared who owns Holiday Cycles in Portland, builds custom bikes for those who want to get on the open road.

As you can see, Jared has taken the design concept of Deacon St Johns motorbike and implemented it into the real world. It’s even covered in dirt from those muddy off-road detours Deacon has to take while getting away from those freakers.

Jared stated on their Instagram page that they “Had the pleasure to work with @pinnacleexhibits and @sonybendstudio to make this @playstation @daysgonegame bike come to life. Can’t wait to play the game.” The bike was also displayed at the E3 convention in LA during Day’s Gone promotion phrase that included a huge mean looking infected Bear towering over it.

Days Gone is available right now available for PC, PS4 and PS5. If you’d like, check out our glowing review of the title right here.

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