A Strange The Last of Us Easter Egg Is Found on the TV at the Beginning of the Game

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It’s been seven and a half years since The Last of Us hit the PlayStation 3 and during that time, you would have thought that all of the Easter eggs and secrets found within the game would have been uncovered by now, but apparently not.

YouTuber Anthony Caliber, who streams speedruns on Twitch of The Last of Us, its DLC Left Behind, and the Factions multiplayer, has made a video recently where he talks about a random and specific easter egg that he only was made aware of. He does state, however, that he knows of others who have stumbled onto this easter egg before but for those who haven’t, his video is pretty interesting and certainly news to me given that I’m a big TLOU fan.

Throughout the recording, Caliber takes the viewer through a series of events that includes random save points and restarting encounters to activate the easter egg but once this all is done and you quit to the main menu then go back to a checkpoint, Sarah walks back up the stairs into Joel’s room where the television is and there’s a Cordyceps-Infected ant displayed on the very same TV which is probably one of the weirder easter eggs I have personally seen. Caliber states that “it’s weird because it’s so specific to get”. Apparently, a restart of the encounter won’t prompt the image to appear and will only do so if you quit and load it back in.

The fact that it’s an ant infected with the actual real-life Cordyceps is utterly bizarre but also really interesting to think that a dev included this and has been waiting this long to see if someone could be bothered to go through a crazy number of steps to make it appear on the screen. I would be so intrigued to know what the purpose of this infected ant actually is or is it just what it looks to be, a randomly weird easter egg? Caliber has accumulated 7397 hours into The Last of Us and only found out about this strange event thanks to someone in his Discord. Who knows what else is included in the game, it’s certainly worth fiddling around and seeing what happens.

While you’re here, check out this adorable The Last of Us pixel art by Woostar who showcased their animation recently on Twitter. If you’re a fan of Laura Bailey who voiced Abby in The Last of Us Part 2, check out this interview with Game Informer where she talks about playing Abby was one of the most grueling roles she’s done, but also stated that it was one of the most gratifying experiences in her very long and impressive career.

For those who haven’t dove head-on into the franchise yet and would like to know more about this iconic game, our editor in chief, Ryan, has put together a guide of everything you need to know about The Last of UsThe Last of Us Part 2 is available exclusively on PS4 (and soon to be PS5). The game was one of DualShockers’ favorites of 2020; make sure to check out the official DualShockers (generally spoiler-free) review. Also, feel free to grab the game physically on Amazon to help support the site.

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