Splatoon 2 Mecha Gear Looks Cool, But Hasn’t Come to the West Yet

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If there’s only one thing players can always depend to be consistent in Splatoon 2, it’s the fashion sense. New clothes for the Nintendo Switch game isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but Japanese magazine CoroCoro did something a bit special for the game. A contest allowed readers to design their own clothes for Splatoon 2, and the winning design turned into a cool set of “Mecha Gear.” Just don’t expect to nab that gear if you aren’t in Japan.

The contest winner was announced back in February, but the outfit was not available until this week. The May issue of CoroCoro contains a download code for the Mecha Gear, which is an unusual delivery method for new content in Splatoon 2. As of now, this download code is the only way for any players to obtain the gear, so tough luck, rest of the world. And it’s a shame, because it looks pretty cool.

I’m certainly not the best person to talk about mecha-related fiction coming out of Japan, but it is a nice nod to those enthusiastic about it. I’ve always enjoyed how Splatoon 2 has educated me on fashion trends in Japan, and I especially enjoy whenever the game goes a little more “out there” with clothes and weapons. But whether or not this particular set of gear will ever come to the West remains to be seen—so far, it only seems like a special gift for magazine subscribers.

Content has slowed down for Splatoon 2—Splatfests are still very much a thing, with the most recent event being Spring-themed, though the last one this website reported on was one involving pancakes and waffles back in January. The tournament scene for the game is still ongoing, and while new content updates are mostly wrapped up, another update brought back some classic weapons to Splatoon 2.

Check out a quick Japanese trailer showcasing the Mecha Gear below.

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