Demon Slayers Unleashed, Codes for Character Rerolling

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Slayers Unleashed is yet another Roblox fangame based on the popular anime series Demon Slayer – and you might be needing some codes to reroll your characters or changing your Breathing Style, here are some of the codes currently working.

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Demon Slayers Unleashed Version 0.59 codes list, how to redeem

First, you’ll need to be part of the Slayers Unleashed Roblox group by Zenokiel, the developer of the game. After that, log in into the game, and enter the codes in the cht as commands. Make sure to always include the semicolon (;the ; symbol) when copying and pasting the codes, as that’s what indicates to the chat it is a code and not just you talking.

These codes were enabled as of the Version 0.59 update on September 26, and should keep working at least until the next update of the game.

Breathing Style reroll – ;code markBREATH1 – ;code markBREATH2 – ;code markBREATH3 – ;code markBREATH4 – ;code markBREATH5.

Demon Art reroll – ;code markDEMON1 – ;code markDEMON2 – ;code markDEMON3 – ;code markDEMON4 – ;code markDEMON5.

Race reroll – ;code sl4yerRace1 – ;code sl4yerRace2 – ;code sl4yerRace3 – ;code sl4yerRace4 – ;code sl4yerRace5.

Clan reroll – ;code sl4yerClan1 – ;code sl4yerClan2 – ;code sl4yerClan3 – ;code sl4yerClan4 – ;code sl4yerClan5.

Slayers Mark reroll – ;code sl4yerMark1 – ;code sl4yerMark2 – ;code sl4yerMark3 – ;code sl4yerMark4 – ;code sl4yerMark5.

Stats rerolling – ;code slayPointz1 – ;code slayPointz2 – ;code slayPointz3 – ;code slayPointz4– ;code slayPointz5.

That’s it for the codes working as of Septembe 27, 2021. You should keep an eye on the Slayers Unleashed scials and especially on Zenokiel’s Twitter for future codes.

The console game Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba The Hinokami Chronicles will be launching on October 15 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam. Roblox is still as popular as ever, and it’ll be interesting to see if it’ll ever give back a bigger slice of the cake to the developers when they’re the ones baking it. Moreover, when the first ever official Kimetsu game launches, I assume the Roblox games will still retain their audience thanks to their free-to-play ppeal. Lastly, I’m also curious to see how the situation will evolve, and if Roblox will start one day being less lax when it comes to games reusing IPs.

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