Chrono Odyssey Released its First Trailer and the Korean MMORPG is Gorgeous

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The first trailer for an ambitious MMORPG title called Chrono Odyssey made its debut. Korean studio NPIXEL is behind the game, which is set to launch for PC in 2022, features unique job systems and random dungeons that utilize timespace. You can check out the impressive announcement trailer below (thanks to PS360HD):

Chrono Odyssey, which was formerly known as “Project S,” is an epic fantasy massively multiplayer online RPG about time and space. This project visualizes the story of members of the special organization, “Idraiginn,” waging a huge war against 12 gods. The title bears a strong resemblance to Final Fantasy XIV, which is definitely a good thing in my own opinion.

For those who have already invested in next-gen consoles, Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida has revealed his desire for the title to come to PS5 and he believes it could still come to Xbox consoles according to an interview published in July.

The most recent patch, Patch 5.4, will add several new quests and dungeons including a fight against Final Fantasy VII endgame superboss Emerald Weapon. Patch 5.2, Echoes of a Fallen Star, released on February 18th and featured new main quests, a new raid dungeon, new general dungeons, and VII‘s other endgame superboss Ruby Weapon. The previous Shadowbringers update, titled 5.1 “Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty,” introduced a brand new NieR Automata-themed patch featuring new gear, a new dungeon, new game+, and the Fellowship.

Announced by Square Enix and Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida via a press release, Final Fantasy XIV has now surpassed 18 million registered players in total. This number is comprised of players across all of the game’s platforms which include PS4, PC, Mac, and even the PS3.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out our official review of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers here, as well as our E3 2019 interview with Final Fantasy XIV director Naoki Yoshida here. Shadowbringers is available now for PS4 and PC on Amazon.

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