Balancelot is the Medieval Unicycle Adventure You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Balancealot is equal parts bizarre and fascinating. You play as a squire who dreams to win a jousting tournament but is too poor to afford a horse. Instead, he rides a unicycle into combat. Check it out for yourself below.

Visually, Balancelot looks kind of like one of those old Monty Python cartoons. The wacky, 2D environments provide a fitting backdrop for your unique escapades. The game looks to play a lot like a mix between Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy and every third-person action game that requires you to traverse a thin rope.

Your squire will clumsily make their way through each level. You have to use your controller or keyboard to balance him out as he climbs over obstacles and enemies. Speaking of enemies, Balancelot does feature some combat. Because you’re an aspiring jouster, you wield a sharp lance that you can angle to take out various foes. It doesn’t look like a deep combat system, but it could be a fun one.

Developer Jestercraft is promising an “epic” story to go along with the ridiculous gameplay. These will be told through in-game cutscenes which will, presumedly, take advantage of the games unique art.

It will be interesting to see how this game is received. We know from games like Getting Over It and QWOP that weird, tough games have their place in the medium. Balancelot has the weird down, now they just need to make sure the gameplay delivers.

Get ready to balance a lot when Balancelot comes to PC on May 23.

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